05' Silver
Grad Year 2023 & 2024

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Tournament Schedule
  1. KAA - Pre-Season
    March 28-31
    KAA - Pre-Season
    Opening Weekend at Kirkwood Athletic Association. This is a USA sanctioned event.
  2. Kansas City Top Gun USAES
    April 12-14
    Kansas City Top Gun USAES
    Come see us play in the Kansas City area for this Top Gun Event.
  3. KAA No Showers
    April 18-20
    KAA No Showers
    Meet us in Kirkwood as we try to avoid the Rain Showers in the Spring
  4. Jefferson City Shootout
    April 27-30
    Jefferson City Shootout
    The team travels to the Missouri State Capital to battle some rivals from both sides of the State!!
  5. Battle of the Clubs "Invitational"
    May 3-5
    Battle of the Clubs "Invitational"
    This Invitational only event will be held at the Woodlands in St. Peters! Come watch the girls battle talented teams across the region.
  6. Mother's Day Tribute
    May 10-12
    Mother's Day Tribute
    Girls will do battle on Mothers Day weekend as we honor our Mothers at ABC park on the North Side of St. Louis!
  7. Hustle City
    May 24-27
    Hustle City
    Located in Chesterfield MO, this Memorial Day weekend our girls will battle it out in the Chaos Club hosted event!! Come cheer them on in huSTLe City..
  8. Bombah Shootout
    May 30 - June 2
    Bombah Shootout
    Come see us play in this Boombah sponsored event in Chesterfield Valley!
  9. Scenic City in Chattanooga
    June 6-9
    Scenic City in Chattanooga
    The girls travel to Chattanooga to do battle with teams across the country.
  10. STL Metros
    June 14-16
    STL Metros
    Let's qualify for Nationals together, and where better than in our own Metro Tournament!! Go STL
  11. Jr. Sparkler - Colorado
    July 1-7
    Jr. Sparkler - Colorado
    There will be no Snow Skiing, but let's hit the rapids and watch some fireworks as the girls take on the best in the nation in this weeklong event in the beautiful state of Colorado!!
  12. Local Friendly - TBD on Location
    July 13-14
    Local Friendly - TBD on Location
    Teams in the St. Louis area are gathering to practice and prepare as Nationals are right around the Corner!!
  13. Nationals USA - Sacramento, California
    July 21-27
    Nationals USA - Sacramento, California
    The girls will visit the great state of California as we do battle in this weeklong event against the best of the best in the Nation!! Go Chaos